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Free Accounting Software ShopbooK is a simple and easy to use GST Ready Accounting Software with Inventory, Barcode Generator and POS Billing for Small Business, Shops, Supermarkets, Departmental Stores, Hotels, Restaurants, Warehouses and other Wholesale / Retail Outlets which involve in buying and selling of goods and services for business ...[VIEW SCREENSHOTS]

Share ShopbooK understands the requirement of GST rollout in India and other countries. So, its Free Accounting Software caters to the demands of various POS requiring units with its Free GST Billing and Accounting Software Module -- ShopbooK Free GST Billing and Accounting Software Module generates GST invoices and bills in various sizes and formats which can be used for the smooth Point of Sale billing operation of any type of Business Concern ...[VIEW GST INVOICE FORMATS]

To make learning of the software easy, we have provided interactive Online Tutorial of ShopbooK which can be accessed by ciicking on the Tutorial Tab at the top of this Page and also Video Tutorials below...

software features
current version 1.6

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PURCHASE Purchase Order, Purchase Log, Daily Purchase Report, Goods Receipt Voucher

SALES Sales Invoice, Sales Bill, Moving / New Items Report, Estimate, Delivery Note, Stores Demand Issue Voucher (SDIV)

PAYMENTS Statement of Payable, Payable Summary, Payment LogList

RECEIPTS Statement of Receivable, Receivable Summary, Receipt Loglist

LEDGERS Account Balance, Real Balance, Book Balance, Journal Voucher

STATEMENTS Item List, Price List, Stock Update, Stray Stock, Sales / Purchase Statement, Sales / Purchase Tax, Profit Report

ADMIN User Level Access and Posting of Invoices and Journals.

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The Free Accounting Software ShopbooK Video Tutorial is released in two parts viz. Part 1 and Part 2, Video Tutorial Part 1 explains Login, User Registration, Vendor Registration, Material Registration and Purchase

In Continuation ShopbooK Video Tutorial Part 2 explains Sales, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledgers, Statements, Reports and Administration ...both the Video Tutorials can be downloaded by clicking on the Get Video Tutorial P1 and P2 links above the Screenshot.

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