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Users can customize Free Accounting Software ShopbooK with their Business Name and Tagline for a small price of US$ 50/-, Upon customization the User's Business Name and Tagline will be incorporated into all statements and reports and any Advertisements of ShopbooK on Invoices and Reports will be removed. The customized software will be full featured and delivered without sample data and ready for use...


Share NAME: your name

E-MAIL: your e-mail address (customized software will be sent to this address)

BUSINESS NAME: the name of the business or firm for which software is ordered (eg. ABC TRADING COMPANY etc.)

TAGLINE: tagline for your business (eg. Dealers in Electrical and Electronics etc.)

ACTIVITY: short description of ordering firm's scope of business activity.

DECLARATION: Tried and Satisfied with Free Version.

Note : Customization Orders for business dealing in unhealthy and unethical goods and services will not be accepted or processed...

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