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Share Use of Control + Navigation Keys and other Keyboard Shortcuts... Most users who are not familiar with system keyboard shortcuts would use the mouse to click on the arrow on the right side of the Combo box to open the drop down list and select an item (eg. customer id, vendor id or material code etc). Using the mouse for this purpose will slow down your work.

So here is an easy way out, when you want to select an item from a drop down list (combo box) just bring the curser to the field and press Control and then down Navigation Key, this will open the drop down list from where you can select the required item by further pressing the down Navigation Key.

Likewise the following Keyboard Shortcuts will perform the corresponding functions when the Purchase, Sales, Payment and Receipt Registers are open...

Ctrl + K - will bring the curser to the Code section to select Code or to scan Barcode.
Ctrl + M - will bring the curser to the Title section to enter the Title of the material directly without the need for entering Code or Barcode.
Ctrl + J - will refresh and save the data entered and move the curser to the Change Field.
Ctrl + N - will refresh and save the data entered and Add New Item.
Ctrl + U - will open the Master Search Form.
Ctrl + I - will close the Master Search Form.
Ctrl + O - will print the default Invoice (Sales Register only).
Ctrl + L - will print the Lite Invoice (Sales Register only).
Ctrl + T - will print the default Tax Invoice (Sales Register only).
Ctrl + G - will print the default GST Invoice (Sales Register only).
Ctrl + B - will Open a light version of Ledger Form for users with ABCD+ Access.
Ctrl + H - Will Print Tax Concealed Invoice.

Please make sure the REFRESH button is enabled and active before using the above Keyboard Shortcuts.

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